Attending Startup Weekend Oslo

This february I attended Startup Weekend Oslo. The concept is based on spending the weekend together with other like-minded individuals to share and work on ideas. We had one idea, five heads and 54 hours to launch our startup.

The Lean Startup

After reading so many blog posts and articles about the lean startup movement it was truly refreshing to read the book that started it: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

Easy PDF reports in .NET MVC with iTextSharp and Razor

Create PDF reports in .NET MVC using Razor and iTextSharp. Razor is the standard View Engine of MVC (from v3) and iTextSharp is an open source library for generating PDF files.

Webcam object tracking in HTML5

After finishing work today I attended a small talk at Hackeriet. It was about the HTML5 video tag and how to manipulate your webcam stream with a canvas and JavaScript. Did some messing around with the video and canvas tags and ended up with some pretty cool results!