ASP.NET 5 development on OS X with Docker

At the time of writing ASP.NET 5 is in beta 2, with a beta 3 on the way. It was previously referred to as vNext, but is now officially »

TeamCity and Octopus Deploy in Slack

That's a lot of brand names in one title! This post was originally posted on my employers blog. Slack has been widely adopted lately because of the intense IRC nostalgia »

Attending Startup Weekend Oslo

This february I attended Startup Weekend Oslo. The concept is based on spending the weekend together with other like-minded individuals to share and work on ideas. We had one idea »

The Lean Startup

After reading so many blog posts and articles about the lean startup movement it was truly refreshing to read the book that started it: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries »

Using <canvas> and a webcam to track objects

After finishing work today I attended a small talk at Hackeriet. It was about the HTML5 video tag and how to manipulate your webcam stream with a canvas and JavaScript »